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Wisdom Springboard offers you an innovative approach to engaging your students in business education through the use of cloud-based, serious business games.  Our games are built by faculty, for faculty, and allow you to create an active learning environment for business leaders of the next generation.


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Make Introduction to Business and Statistics Fun

Whether you teach introduction to business or introduction to statistics, our analytics game will help your students understand the importance of data-driven decision making.  Set in Vertical Slice, a pizza restaurants, your students will hire staff, set prices, and attempt to make customers satisfied, all while using analytical tools and Key Performance Indicators.

Make Introduction to Information Systems Fun

If you want to engage your students more in your introduction to information systems and information technology classes, our cybersecurity intern game will help them to understand how decisions about hardware and software affect the business.  Then, they will need to hold on and ensure that their infrastructure is resilient as Vertical Slice, our pizza restaurant comes under a cyber attack.  How did this happen?  And how can we prevent future attacks?  Your student learners will need to engage and make decisions that will affect the future of the company!

"Overall, I thought the game was a good learning system for class and for real world application. It teaches a topic that we need in our field and how to apply them to work situations."

"Overall the concept of the game to help future IS students learn is great. I would prefer this method of teaching rather than the traditional method."

"I thought the video game was pretty cool overall. It was a nice change of place from the lecture or reading the material from the book. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind doing assignments for class using the game."

"If I have the choice between playing a video game or reading a textbook, I would certainly play the video game. I am a visual learner so this really caters to my learning style and allows me to really learn the material. I think on average, most college students would prefer to play a game instead of reading a book."

"I liked playing the game better than having to sit down and read the book or listen to someone tell me the information about the subject. The game gave kinda a hands on feel to learning the material."

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