Real World Situations

Investigate Security Breaches

Mini Games

Knowledge Checks as You Play!

Realistic Network Topology

Simulated Content

The goal of the Information Systems Serious Business Video Game is to engage and teach a new generation of undergraduates. This game teaches concepts covered in an intro to IT or Information Systems class using cybersecurity-related quests to challenge your students. 

Your students will play the role of an intern at the headquarters of the Vertical Slice restaurant chain, where they try to earn points so they may get a full-time job offer after their degree. Students choose an avatar and a PIN and begin interacting with other characters in this graphically-rich office environment, where they encounter four unique cybersecurity quests to solve – each one with problems to solve, dialog with characters, embedded mini-games, and chances to earn more points. 

Your student will learn both IT and cybersecurity principles during the process – including the meanings of over fifty general IT terms and over 70 cybersecurity terms found in a game glossary. After solving all four quests, students are given the option of re-playing any of them again to attempt a higher score!

Students play the game from their browser (nothing to download) and can stop between activities and come back to work on building a higher score. Contact us to arrange a private demo.

We also provide exam/quiz questions, teaching notes, slides, and exercises to the faculty to enable linkages to the rest of the course, if so desired.