About Wisdom Springboard

Wisdom Springboard offers you an innovative approach to engaging your students in business education through the use of cloud-based, serious business games. Our games are built by faculty, for faculty, and allow you to create an active learning environment for business leaders of the next generation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help faculty in institutions of higher education to increase student engagement using serious business games within an active learning environment

Empower Your Learners

  • Capture your learner’s interest
  • Create engagement
  • Improve the learning process
  • Interactively reflect the reality outside of the classroom (in the real world)
  • Built on pedagogical best practices + meaningful game content

Our Games

Your students will play our serious business game within the context of Vertical Slice, a pizza restaurant.   You have the choice of two games:

An analytics game, aimed at the introduction to statistics or introduction to business course

A cybersecurity game, aimed at the introduction to information technology course